During the 21st Milan Trienniale, Culture.pl presents an exhibition that focuses on the two faces of Polish design: aesthetics and utility. Are they equally important values? Or is one more important than the other? Beauty or pragmatism? Pragmatism or beauty? The choice is up to you.

Designers have growing responsibilities: they have to furnish houses, help to create the surrounding environment, design the world in which we live. Their projects and their choices have a direct impact on the quality of our lives.

Everything around us is designed: from the mirror the chair in front of the desk, to the lamp on the bedside table. These are useful objects, objects of daily use.

They are usually also objects that have been chosen for their aesthetic values: we like them, we want to have them around us. Useful and beautiful, beautiful and useful. What’s behind all this? What are the interdependencies between the beautiful and the useful? Is utility a source of beauty, or just the opposite? Can we still talk about design today in the context of form and function?

The exhibition is organized by Culture.pl as part of its program for the promotion of Polish design in the world. Culture.pl, the flagship brand of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, focuses on foreign promotion of Poland and Polish culture.

Curated by: Magdalena Kochanowska; exhibition design: Centrala architecture group; visual identification: Jakub Jezierski; exhibition production: Michał Nowakowski and Marta Piechocka-Nowakowska/ArtConnection; exhibition organized as part of the promotion program of Polish design in the world.