The first solo exhibition of the artist Giulia Mangoni at ArtNoble Gallery opens today 25 November 2021 (until 28 January 2022) in via Ponte di Legno 9 in Milan

Often, in front of a work of art, both classic and contemporary, the question people ask themselves is: "But what does this mean?" In short, must art have a meaning or must it only suggest, at least amplify? Or again, must it celebrate, innovate, experiment? There are formulas or rules to answer the question "What is art?". Georges Braque argued that there is only one thing that is valid in art: that which cannot be explained. And which therefore opens up to doubt, to questions destined to perhaps remain unanswered. Elusive, like art.

Giulia Mangoni's artistic research revolves around the theme of memory and identity, also through their deconstruction. Often through the contamination of disciplines and the transformation of reality. Which open to doubt, pose questions, require questions.

Born in 1991 in Isola del Liri where she returned to live and work, Mangoni is an Italian-Brazilian artist who grew up in Italy, Brazil and England. His art is a reinterpretation (fruit of imagination, intuition, inspiration, originality) of the familiar landscapes of Ciociaria, filtered by a vision that involves rural context, farming, the rural world and ancient techniques of craftsmanship, enriched by meticulous studies on the history of the territory .

Bits & Cream. Metabolizzazione d'Archivio at ArtNoble Gallery in Milan collects images of his homeland, reworked and presented as a symbolic layered parfait. The protagonists of the exhibited works emerge soft and creamy among the symbols of folkloric belonging of the territory, they mix with elements of tropical botany, creating manifests of multiplicity. A reworking of traditional values ​​in a modern and consumerist projection: as palatable as a creamy cream ice cream, the identity of the territory is lost, destroyed and rediscovered something it did not know it had.