On 4 December the bivouac built by Progetto CMR in memory of Edoardo Camardella, a young mountaineer who died on Mont Blanc, opens in La Thuile. Waiting for the transfer to altitude

The inauguration ceremony of the bivouac dedicated to Edoardo Camardella, young mountaineer and ski instructor overwhelmed by an avalanche on Mont Blanc on November 30, 2019, will be held next December 4 at 2.30 pm in La Thuile, in the Piccolo San Bernardo cable car square, where the structure will remain until to the transfer to the Rutor glacier at 3,360 meters scheduled for spring 2022.

The small, welcoming and charming building, designed by Progetto CMR with the support of several design companies, includes a weather station. It stands out for its large glass wall that overlooks Mont Blanc and can also be admired via a special webcam. It is possible to contribute to the fundraising of the initiative through the gofundme.com.

The memory and tribute to a special boy in the places he loved most

“I knew Edoardo Camardella well and shared his same passion for mountains and skiing” says Massimo Roj, CEO of Progetto CMR . "His premature death was a great pain and being able to donate this project to the Municipality of La Thuile, which will be realized thanks to the commitment of Edoardo's parents, is for me an act due to the memory of a special boy”.

The Ruitor glacier “was a place much loved by my son”, recalls Luciano Camardella, Edoardo's father. “The guides have indicated this place as a strategic point for mountaineers; in that area the Tour du Rutor passes every two years, an important ski mountaineering competition, which involves both national and international athletes”.

How the small bivouac including a weather station is structured

Intimate and welcoming, the new bivouac on the Ruitor glacier will have a large and scenic glass wall that will look towards Mont Blanc. It can also be seen through a 360-degree webcam mounted on the weather station also built from scratch, it will be the highest of the Graian Alps and one of the highest in Europe. In favor of the room, a wall of the small building will tell the story of the project and will remember all those, companies and people, who supported its realization.

What is fundraising for

The entire sum collected through the site of gofundme.com will be donated for the construction of the bivouac, for the purchase of the weather station and the webcam and to finance the transport of the structure and materials at high altitude by helicopter to Colle del Ruitor.

The companies involved in the project implementation

The construction of the new bivouac designed by Progetto CMR - with a light and resistant structure, produced in the factory and energetically autonomous - was possible thanks to the consultancy, materials and systems made available by a series of technical partners: Faces Engineering for structures and envelope, Ariatta for technological systems. Politecnico di Milano (Wind Engineering - Department of Mechanics) for the calculations of resistance to wind and meteorological phenomena, Gualini - Costim Group for the construction of the entire building, Barailler Edilizia for the installation and Concreta for the interior design, which on one wall will host the portrait of Edoardo Camardella.

The materials provided

Among the materials provided by the supporting companies: Prefa aluminum casing systems, Schüco facade profiles, stoneware Ceramica Sant'Agostino , the larch wood claddings by Legnoforniture, the Fiamm energy storage batteries, the glass Guardian Glass, the entrance door of Olcese Ricci, the radiant floor heating system Santoni, the photovoltaic panels Solbian, Siemens electrical panels and Dehn electric shock protection systems. The cross was made by Legnotech. The webcam was created thanks to the contribution of SkyWay Monte Bianco.

Mario Ravello , geologist, and the engineer Gianluigi Franzini of the Piccolo San Bernardo cableways, have lent their consultancy to the design team. < / p>

Consultancy and patronage

Mario Ravello , geologist, and the engineer Gianluigi Franzini of the Piccolo San Bernardo cableways, have lent their consultancy to the design team.

The construction of the bivouac dedicated to Edoardo Camardella has the patronage of the Aosta Valley Region, the Municipalities of La Thuile and Valgrisenche, the Aosta Valley Ski Instructors Association and the Valdostana Union of High Mountain Guides.