The project conceived by Nicola Falappi returns to occupy the spaces of the ex Fabbrica Ferro Bulloni: with an installation, the works of 13 artists and a cycle of talks from 4 to 14 May

After an explosive first edition (which we talked about here), the temporary space Filtro, which transforms the ex Fabbrica Ferro Bulloni</strong > in a cultural hub, it returns to animate Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

The activation model of disused industrial space, conceived by Nicola Falappi of Studio Quaranta in collaboration with the Osmo team strong>, is the one already experimented in 2022: the creation of a place-event set up with a sensory scenography that acts as a Filter, a creative layer created by many hands that offers an alternative interpretation key for the occupied environment.

Within this scenography - the nature of which will be revealed on the occasion of the first activation evening, May 4 - Italian and international designers, artists, gallery owners and publishers will meet again to create an inclusive and collective cultural experience.

The formula devised by Nicola Falappi is a winner (as evidenced by the success of the first edition) because it is based on surprise, on internationality, on multi-disciplinarity and on accessibility.

There are, for example, things to see, but also to read, touch, taste or sniff. There is the possibility of conversing with the artists: the dialogue is ongoing, stimulated by talk sessions and then kept alive by the cultural lounge, in an informal environment open to all.

The artists on display and guests of the talks

Numerous and exclusive personalities on display and guests of the scheduled talks: there will be the artist and writer Gabriele Picco, the architect and pop artist Pietro Terzini, the architect and interior designer IsabellaGarbagnati, the sculptor Barbara Crimella, the sculptor Stefano Bombardieri, the stylist and image consultant Susanna Ausoni, the designer, painter, artist and photographer Giampiero Bodino, journalist, writer and fashion critic Antonio Mancinelli, photographers Guido Taroni and Lady Tarin, the environmental artist, director and photographer Giuseppe La Spada, the graffiti writer and artist Fabio Weik, the sculptor Milena Berta, the lighting designer, entrepreneur and architect Jan Van Lierde, the fashion and antiques professional Maria Mantero, the ceo and creative mind of Dedar Raffaele Fabrizio, the creative director and stylist of internationally recognized celebrities Simone Guidarelli.

The date to note is then that of May 8 when, at 7.30 pm, Massimiliano Finazzer Flory will guide the guests on an evocative evening visit within an integrated program of corporate social responsibility and dedicated to the territory organized by the BMW Nanni Nember dealership in Brescia, as Main Sponsor of the event.