Palazzo Pretorio presents an original itinerary through the work of Bruno Munari, making it possible to understand the particular characteristics of some of his masterpieces, and to learn by doing, in keeping with the stated intentions of the artist himself.

Munari always tried to make his work a stimulus for doing things, so that viewers, when guided, could understand the rules of technique and creativity, gaining new skills in pursuit of the ability to reinvent.


The ‘contemplative’ rooms thus alternate with spaces where visitors have a chance to take part in a range of activities. In an exhibition on Munari, the spaces of doing are not an educational adjunct, but an integral part of the work as a whole, true activities designed by the artist.


Bruno Munari: air | earth makes an important contribution to the historical-critical interpretation of the Munari legacy.


gallery gallery
Ph. Gigliola Chistè - Munari Bruno, occhiali, mano © Giliola CHISTE'
gallery gallery
Ph. Aldo Ballo - Bruno Munari, proiezioni-dirette anni 50