The newPodernuovo winery has been opened at Palazzone by Giovanni & Paolo Bulgari, designed by the studio Alvisi Kirimoto + Partnersamidst the vineyards of the estate located near the medieval town of San Casciano dei Bagni, near Siena. The architecture expresses the desire to narrate the culture of winemaking, clearly showing the phases and the strong, continuous ties between the territory and the space of work. The project is the result of a clear rapport between the clients and the designers, starting with the choice of the site, when Giovanni Bulgari and Massimo Alvisi visited the area around San Casciano together to find the perfect location for a work of architecture guided by criteria of quality and efficiency, capable of intercepting the ideal environmental conditions and most striking views of the landscape. The goal of the project has been to maximize functional quality and to optimize the layout. Paced by the presence of four parallel concrete partitions of different lengths, the winery is crossed by a main axis based on visual perspective, running between the two central partitions for the length of the building and opening onto the vineyards. The interior is like an open section, which thanks to the large glazings offers a view, from any point along the structure, of all the spaces devoted to wine production.