Porsche Design Studiohas created the world’s largest TV. This project is based on four years of research and combines innovative styling with the expertise of Global Bright Group, a world leader in the production of LED screens. The result is C SEED 201, an avant-garde television that emerges from the ground in 15 seconds. On top of a support with a height of 4.6 meters (15 ft.) a screen appears with an area of 11m² (116 sq. ft.); seven panels that open silently in just 25 seconds to make a uniform surface on which extremely luminous images can be viewed even in direct sunlight. This is the first time an outdoor screen has been able to offer such high definition even at midday. Installed to adapt to all needs and climates, C SEED 201 fits elegantly, like a sophisticated monolith, into grassy lawns or paved surfaces.