Caimi Brevetti presents, for the XXI Triennale di Milano, the exhibition “Snowsound by Caimi. Il design come non l’avete mai sentito” to focus on the theme of sound and the importance of correct acoustic design of public and private spaces.

The selected location is very interesting: the Cavallerizze, an area of about 1800 m2, part of a major renovation project of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology.

Snowsound technology by Caimi Brevetti, an innovative patented system, has received prestigious international prizes and continues to evolve. The company’s systems are unique for their applied technologies, and for the idea of sound-absorbing elements seen as furnishing complements, inserted in all kinds of spaces to solve acoustic problems.

Developing new technologies on a design level means entering a completely original compositional alphabet. Caimi Brevetti, with the Snowsound technologies, interpreted by the designers Sezgin Aksu, Lorenzo Damiani, Michele De Lucchi, Moreno Ferrari, Alberto Meda & Francesco Meda, Alessandro Mendini & Francesco Mendini, Lorenzo Palmeri, Marc Sadler, represents a unique approach to production, in relation to the original, inimitable identity of Made in Italy: design as a language of difference.

The different solutions proposed by the designers can all be traced back to a definition of design in which people are the protagonists. For Caimi Brevetti, in the 21st century, this is “Design after Design.”

Curators: Aldo Colonetti and Franco Origoni. Exhibit design: Origoni Steiner Architetti associati, Franco Origoni, Matteo Origoni, Anna Steiner with Eleonora Bruno. In collaboration with Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani, Caimi Lab.

Installation: Benfenati Allestimenti.