The second edition of the Call IOU project is launched, promoted by the Department of Youth Policies and Junior Professionals of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Naples and Province: to give new opportunities to architects and designers under 35

There is a school to be redesigned, in the province of Naples, and to be converted into a cohabitation or coworking space. This will be done by 42 architects under 35 and 28 students, committed to designing new scenarios for the 800 square meters of the Marconi complex in Bacoli.

The second edition of the Call IOU (Interior, Outdoor, Urban) project is launched, promoted by the Department of Youth Policies and Junior Professionals of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Naples and the Province, with the aim of creating new job opportunities and visibility for architects and designers under 35.

After the first digital edition (read here), the contest provides for the participants the opportunity to measure themselves concretely with an urban and architectural transformation project. Forty-two architects under 35 and twenty-eight second-year students of the Interior Architecture course of the IUAD - Accademia Moda, divided into groups of five for a total of fourteen teams, will present redevelopment and reconversion projects of the structure, which will become a place of intergenerational aggregation, space of coworking, cohabitation, with an eye to sustainability.

The project, in collaboration with Interni Magazine, Call IOU media partner, has two phases. In the first, seven workshops are scheduled with as many partner companies, with the aim of providing participants with notions on products and materials. In the second phase, the actual contest, the different teams (made up of three professionals and two students) will be asked to redesign the old school building to be transformed into a cohabitation and/or coworking space where they can live in a sustainable and self-managed way. An intergenerational space, made up of common and private areas. The goal is to move from the aseptic volume of an old building to a green, functional and welcoming environment for the area of the metropolitan city of Naples.

All teams will work on the same theme but each will have the opportunity to use different materials that will be made available by the companies involved in the project. The call for the second phase will be published in July and the competition will take place between September and December. The projects will be screened by a qualified jury and the winning team will receive a prize of five thousand euros.

Says Aniello Tirelli, councilor of the Order of Architects of Naples and the Province: “The creation of a team of architects and design students will certainly be an element that will enrich the contamination, generating new themes for architecture and the city. I am grateful to the companies that have accepted the invitation to discuss their materials and research that leads to the creation of new products. The synergy between manufacturing companies and professionals is essential in order to meet the needs of the client, needs that are aesthetic but also functional in terms of efficiency, for respect for the environment and the places where they will be applied”. 

Among the companies that have chosen to support the project are Marazzi, Listone Giordano, Matteo Brioni, Tubes, Gessi, Laminam, Cielo, Adesital, Novellini. They will be given the opportunity to work with the teams selected by the competition jury to deepen and better define the graphic designs of the settings, supporting the young people selected both for the technical aspects and for the feasibility of the projects.

The first workshop, Matteo Brioni - Land for Architecture, is scheduled for Tuesday 22 June at 3 pm, at Spazio 121 Naples. The complete program at this link.