The studio Carla Bechelli Arquitectos during the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale takes part in the exhibition Time Space Existence, a parallel event presenting work by an international group of architects regarding the philosophical concepts of Time, Space and Existence, documenting the ideas and developments of contemporary architecture.

The spaces of Palazzo Bembo host individual presentations by important architecture firms, and in this context Carla Bechelli Arquitectos present a 3D installation, a reflection on how the Argentine studio based in Buenos Aires approaches architectural design.

All their projects come from research and dialogue with the identity of the place, its history, its climate, the cultural background, as the setting for design, lines, volumes and light, pursuing a modern aesthetic and an original focus on space, functional rigor and fine detailing.

The installation created for Venice brings these characteristics together, offering the possibility of experiencing a work of architecture bonded with nature, where indoor-outdoor boundaries are extended, intangible or even abolished. The work makes immaterial phenomena like time, movement and space tangible.

The technique of stratification creates the impression of passing time through a device with a spatial perspective that represents the passing of the seasons, showing the colors of the changing vegetation. While the visitor walks through the installation, the architecture reveals itself through nature, demonstrating how the relationship with nature produces joy in man, for the senses and for the soul.

The installation does not speak an abstract language, but narrates three projects of the studio Carla Bechelli Arquitectos: two of them (San Isidro Hotel and St George’s School) are inserted in natural contexts, while the third (Las Piedras Villas & Houses) has been created in a park of local flora with a very beautiful landscape that forms the setting for the architecture. Las Piedras has won the International Property Award in October 2015 for its original urban-landscape approach.