A large retrospective exhibition entitled “Carrara, Cárdenas e la Negritudine” pays tribute to the world-famous sculptor Agustin Cárdenas and involves the entire city of Carrara from 11 July to 13 September.


The event is curated by Elena Cárdenas Malagodi and Eleonora Lombardi, supported and organized by the City of Carrara, Galleria Duomo and Associazione Culturale Carrara Artistica, and inserted in the calendar of Marble Weeks (19 June – 12 July, historical center of Carrara).

The show presents monumental sculptures along an itinerary in the historical center of the city (Piazza Mazzini, Via Roma, Via Verdi) and an exhibition in two important spaces: Galleria Duomo and Centro Arti Plastiche di Carrara, showing a number of works by the artist for the first time: sculptures in marble, wood, bronze, original restored plaster works, temperas and drawings.

The event is accompanied by a color catalogue with critical texts by Abigail McEwen, art historian and professor at the University of Maryland; Elena Malagodi Cárdenas, curator; Dominique Stroobant, sculptor; an a selection of writings by important critics and poets who have written about Agustin Cárdenas over the years, as well as an evocative image by the world-famous photographer Martine Franck showing the artist against the backdrop of the famous marble quarries of Carrara.

Hours: 9.30-11.30, 20.00-24.00; closed on Monday and on Tuesday evening. Info Galleria Duomo tel. 0585-71839 – info@galleriaduomo.itwww.galleriaduomo.it