During Art City Bologna 2016, Casa a Mare presents the exhibition Dwelling Art opening on Saturday 23 January at 17.00 at the Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica in Bologna.

The Casa a Mare project is a container of a parallel imaginary. Just like a house by the sea, an alternative dwelling, it expresses the intention to create a habitat dimension through the use of recovered materials, already utilized but still in full functional and aesthetic condition, rich in evocative references.

The exhibition created for the ground floor rooms of the Museum of Music rotates around the idea of a utopian show, in which Casa a Mare establishes a relationship with all the related artistic experiences of the past.

Together with a screening, the show includes the sculpture Paracane, a scale reproduction of an enclosure wall of rural houses, as in a poem by Montale (“a wall with broken bottle shards embedded at the top”), the material expression of the defense of private property.

The architectural and sculptural structures in the space are the expression of a low, material culture that seeks its pride in the imitation of natural, classical forms or rhythms, fretwork, which over time have replaced the stone glyph with concrete.

The host of the event will be Massimo Carozzi, sound artist and musician, whose sounds are an integral part of the exhibition itinerary.