A new metropolitan shopping center with futuristic architecture, built in the province of Modena, on containers: an original, courageous idea that has become a symbol of the will to react, not surrendering to adversity. Cavezzo 5.9 was created over the rubble of the earthquake that struck Emilia in May 2012, thanks to the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who joined forces to react to the situation. The futuristic urban-style complex has been built entirely on containers. Cavezzo 5.9 makes a virtue of necessity: the need for rapid reconstruction led to the idea of using freight containers, suitably modified and insulated. The result is a project that is the only one of its kind in Italy, bringing Cavezzo – a small town near Modena – a concept of shopping with an underground spirit, in the wake of similar experiences seen in London and other big cities. www.cavezzo59.it.