Among the new products presented by CEA during the Salone del Mobile, Abaco is an innovative system that combines all the physical plant technology of the bathroom in a single element

CEA presents, for the Salone del Mobile, the innovative  Abaco system that combines all physical plant technologies for the bathroom in a single unit.



Multifunctional and compositional flexibility combine with easy installation to respond to the requirements of any project.

In stainless steel, Abaco can be customized in all the CEA finishes and others.

It is a hygienic, durable and totally recyclable product.

The lines, based on simple, linear geometry, have been designed by Natalino Malasorti.





Other new developments include  Pinocchio, a modular towel warmer,  also by Natalino Malasorti, powered by a low-voltage battery to combine functional quality, sustainability and design.

In stainless steel, it comes in all the special CEA finishes, for horizontal or vertical installation.





A contemporary reinterpretation of antique faucets whose pipes ran along the outer surface of walls, Hook,  designed by P+F Architetti and Natalino Malasorti,  is a varied, flexible faucet system conceived for use in multiple contexts, from outdoor spaces to bathroom and kitchen interiors.



  • Lutezia, designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte for CEA, is a creation based on classic style, a combination of elegance and high technology.

    A contemporary take on the traditional hydraulic valves  of the early 20th century, Lutezia is a tribute to the city of Paris, which was known by that name (Lutetia) in ancient times.