The Hall of Palazzo Tassoni in Ferrara was the setting for the exhibition Steel, air, water that concluded the Product Design II course of the Department of Architecture of Ferrara. The course, coordinated by the professors RomanoAdolini and Laura Gabrielli, has been sponsored for the second consecutive year by CEA, a production company that has been selecting ideas for sustainability for years, supporting and expressing these values in its own creations marked by great attention to the environment, for the saving of water, the use of totally recyclable materials and the optimization of energy consumption. A commission composed of Natalino Malasorti, Evelina Bazzo, Alessandro Lolli and Francesco Pagliaiselected the winning project, which thanks to CEA will be prototyped and presented at Cersaie 2013. The winner was the project Momento by Giulia Cavinato and Federica Iannicelli, a faucet that stands out for the effective, mature synthesis of the design, addressing ecological themes in an elegant design solution, identifying the most suitable technologies and proposing innovative content, also with an eye on facilitation of everyday ecological behavior. Two honorable mentions were also assigned: Cube by Alessandro Riccardo Masia and Alexandra Zanasiand Mag by Giulio Rossi Paccani and Simone Scorrano.