The ceramic art signed by great creatives and selected by the Antonia Jannone Gallery on display in the Milanese flagship store of the Iris Ceramica Group

The Twenty-three ceramic works created by twelve famous artists and designers, selected in collaboration with Antonia Jannone Drawings of Architecture. The Ceramics: Neverending Artworks exhibition will be held in the Iris Ceramica Group flagship store in via Santa Margherita 4 in Milan from 10 January to 18 February 2022.

Le opere di Aldo Cibic, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Branzi, Ettore Sottsass, George Sowden, Luigi Serafini, Marco Zanini, Martine Bedin, Matteo Thun, Michele De Lucchi, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Peter Shire sottolineano la natura eclettica della ceramica, materia viva capace di interpretare bisogni e desideri dell’uomo dall’alba dei tempi.

The aesthetic, artistic and manufacturing dimension of ceramics

Ranging between art and design, the works on display tell the aesthetic, artistic and manufacturing dimension of ceramics, enhancing the material of which they are composed, distorting its aesthetics and giving it new meanings to give shape to objects that become metaphors for a vision and a thought. A selection of works that, through combinations of patterns and signs, of vibrant colors and asymmetries, of decorations and sinuous shapes, draws the attention of the public, requiring their active participation.

A bold and irreverent spirit on display that escapes banality

Ceramics: Neverending Artworks presents authors who have challenged, with a bold and irreverent spirit, modernity and its diktats of formal cleanliness, of good design, of pure and exact functionalism, of white, black and chromed metal, featuring the ability to rewrite the rules, to create unique objects and escape the banality of everyday life.

A sensory exhibition at the sign in Memphis

The exhibition itinerary also crosses many protagonists of the Memphis movement, for whom life is also irony, aesthetics is also ethics and objects must be able to speak a language that knows how to privilege their emotional and sensorial dimension.

From new design needs arise technical challenges that lead to unimaginable possibilities

The constant search for beauty and uniqueness are the inspiring principles of Iris Ceramica Group which, just like the designers whose works it exhibits, enhances the aesthetic and technical properties of ceramics, reengineering it, without stopping at customs, knowing that it is from new design needs that technical challenges arise that lead to unprecedented possibilities, once not even imaginable.