Over twenty unpublished works on display to the public in the exhibition curated by Alessandro Castiglioni from 26 February to 8 May 2022

Chiara Dynys is a light artist. She has always chosen to work with this ethereal substance, pure energy through which she reveals reality. Since the beginning of her artistic activity, in the early 90s, she has worked on the attempt to identify in the world and in the forms the presence and sense of the anomaly, of the variant, of the "threshold", which allows the mind to pass from human reality to an almost metaphysical scenario.

From this perspective, Melancholia, at the MA*GA in Gallarate until May 8, is a journey animated by recurring references to the history of art but above all of cinema, which has marked the artist's poetics in a particular way. "The love for cinema has been with me since I was a child, nurtured and encouraged by my mother to whom I dedicate this project. Those suggestions helped to give my work a well-defined cut from the very beginning in which I created geometric shapes, without an identifiable center, through a transgressive and "cinematographic" use of materials which, transfigured into something else, expressed an estrangement that in the time has been transformed into the representation of a non-place, inhabited by the disorientation of dreams and by uprooting, ”says Dynys.

On display, the imagery of some directors who have made the history of cinema: from Roberto Rossellini to Jane Campion, from Federico Fellini to Paolo Sorrentino and Lars Von Trier. An unprecedented exhibition project, designed for the Gallaratese museum, animated by narratives and moving images, which the artist transfigures through the artistic use of light and space. Among the works, there is also the cycle of Kaleidos, reflective forms that modify perception and deceive the viewer's view, like suggestions enclosed in a kaleidoscope.

"What permeates my work", continues the artist, "is a feeling of not belonging, a void to be placed elsewhere, in the painful setting of never feeling in one's place. This is why the choice of four directors who recount this uneasiness declined in different worlds: an Australian context without spirituality; a magnificent trip to Italy but without love anymore; a room filled with music, which however will disintegrate; finally, a planet where all the unsolved does not count because the fatal collision is expected. These are realities that represent a space-time bridge between what I experience every day and what my work as an artist is ".

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of the monograph "Chiara Dynys and the Filmic Imaginary", published by Skira, an opportunity for the permanent installation in the library of the HIC (Hub of the Cultural Institutes of the City of Gallarate) of the work "Enlightening Books", donated to the museum thanks to WEM, Empowering Art Platform, a platform with the aim of finding new forms of dissemination and support for contemporary visual arts.