Gaggenau opens the exhibition of artist Tamara Repetto in its Milan space. Open until 18 July, the exhibition investigates the primordial sense of smell, offering the visitor an experiential journey

Curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, the exhibition ‘Circuiti di Senso’ by Tamara Repetto presents eleven works of art that seek a new approach to reality through not only sight, but smell: used as a means to investigate who we really are. Perfume becomes art: although it has not yet found a completed form in the artistic world, unlike touch and sight, perfume is part of Repetto's artistic research.

An infinite intimate experience

For Frassà: ‘His art lies not so much in the artefact as in the (subjective) experience generated by it. What we see and preserve over time is the testimony of a unique experience. Repetto intervenes through his own vision of beauty and sensory integration, whereby the sense of smell becomes the glue of an infinite inner experience’.

Pantheistic vision

This is a courageous, counter-trend exhibition that embraces a pantheistic view of existence: we are nature, part of a whole, there is no distinction between us and others, between art and design, between a stone table and a hob.

Olfactory memories

And so, Repetto's ‘Tableaux Parfumée’ are white surfaces constructed from recycled, single-use hotel soaps that hold delicate memories of the undergrowth, pine twigs, roots and earth; in ‘Melancholia’ the different types of soil are the absolute protagonists, compacted in thin vertical metal cages. The material worked by the artist's thought generates an olfactory memory that remains with the viewer.

Tactile and olfactory contacts

In ‘Prigionia di un Profumo’ natural elements such as barks, pine needles, feathers, roots, symbols of a desired nature, become an enchanted vision suspended between soaps and electronic components. Poetic worlds enclosed by Repetto in a glass ampoule that contains the visual and olfactory dimension. Only by raising the cloche can tactile and olfactory contact be restored.

A site-specific artistic intervention

Finally, ‘Meccano’ was conceived as a site-specific artistic intervention: Repetto was struck by the essentiality of Gaggenau's Essential Induction top, the protagonist of the renovated Gaggenau DesignElementi Hub showroom where flame is no longer the source of heat. Made of the same Dekton material, the work consists of three cubes with a hole that allows for an olfactory tasting with three different fragrances specially created by fragrance designer Caterina Roncati. In the end, each of us can build our own sensory experience connected to our present and our lived experience.