Architectures in the discovery of a colourful and fragrant Mediterranean, a trip to the Bulgari Hotels in Rome and Tokyo, at the Venice Biennale the key issues for the protection of the planet are highlighted

Our July-August issue focuses on slow summer living, the times and spaces of relaxation, silence and regeneration of body, mind and spirit. The works of architecture, examined in their typological and geographical variety, accom­pany us in the discovery of a fertile Mediterranean, generous with its colors and aromas, its material and sensorial impressions. The enchantment of homes that speak of the culture and traditions of their territories, but also contemporary design research, aimed at reducing the impact of construction on the environment as fully as possible.

Circular Flow
Graphic Motion: Daniele Basilico

Jewels of hospitality

The unique qualities of places are also celebrated with great sensitivity and respect in the recently opened Bulgari Hotel in Rome and Tokyo, featured in our cover story. They reflect the mastery of the maison, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Serpenti icon, giving rise to true gems of hospitality. Based on the exceptionally refined, erudite and informal quality of the architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, who have designed these two new entries in the collection, as well as the other seven Bulgari hotels, starting with the first one in Milan opened in 2004.

A new sustainability for a new beauty

We have also devoted abundant space to coverage of the Venice Archi­tecture Biennale 2023, on view until 26 November. This 18th iteration, cu­rated by Lesley Lokko, urges us to reflect on some fundamental issues for all of us, and for the protection of our planet: water, earth and energy. Many of the projects presented address the themes of climate change, decarboniza­tion, decolonization, processes of collaboration, how to build without con­crete sprawl, and how to return to a heritage of workmanship and reuse of materials. In short, expanded perspectives on sustainability in which to find more effective responses to the challenges awaiting us – but also a new kind of beauty.