From 7 to 25 September, luminous sets in the historical center of Bergamo Alta will be part of the international event I Maestri del paesaggio. On Piazza Vecchia, at Casa Suardi, Clay Paky celebrates 40 years of activity with the exhibition that narrates the MoMS, the new museum on Modern Show Lighting, and the projection of the films that have won the international competition “Take back the city, take back the light.”

A path composed of five theatrical light installations in the historical center of Bergamo Alta. The evocative force of light, images and music narrates the beauty of wild nature, immersing viewers in a dream dimension. All by the set designer Sebastiano Romano.

The installations are place in 5 different points of the historical center: Porta San Giacomo, Torre della Campanella, Piazza Vecchia, Torre del Gombito and Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe.