ACC Italia, in line with the indications of the international IACC, continues to organize advanced training programs on the national territory for color designers. NABA hosts the first of four seminars of the training cycle for 2013/2014, in preparation for international certification as a Color Consultant/Designer. The four seminars develop in modular units, subdivided into theoretical lectures and practical instruction, approaching the following themes of color design: psychology of the environment; color design in environmental architecture; analysis of color effects in an environment; psycho-physiological effects of colore; elements of neuro-physiology; psychosomatics and visual ergonomics; psychology of perception; psychology of color; color as information in communication; fundamentals of color theory; fundamentals and terminology of light; use of color in architectural spaces (health care and psychiatric facilities, offices, industrial and production plants, education facilities, shops, hotels, restaurants, residential zones, urban spaces).