The first international call is underway Biennale College Architecture: what it is, who can participate, how to register and all the useful information

Biennale Architettura presents the first international call Biennale College Architettura: registrations are open from 9 January 2023 and it will be possible to send applications until Friday 17 February 2023.

It is a training course dedicated to male and female students and under 30 graduates; to academics (PhD candidates, researchers, university assistants, tutors, teaching fellows, etc.) and emerging professionals under 35, who with the Biennale College Architecture proposal will be able to work alongside Masters and professionals in the sector.

Biennale College Architecture: what it is

Concretely, the Biennale College Architecture consists of an educational experience in which young talents can fine-tune their skills and, even more, their creative aptitudes, through field experiences - seminars, workshops, conferences and experimental public presentations - collections in workshop format, which will start on 25 June until 22 July 2023.

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The goal is to promote young artists and creatives, allowing them to work closely with professionals in the sector.

The training experience will be held in Venice in the venues of the 18th International Architecture Exhibition and will allow participants to draw from the rich history of radical and transformative pedagogies that have emerged in architecture education over the last fifty years.

The Biennale College Architecture will thus provide an exploratory space in which participants will discuss - critically and creatively, with each other and with experts - on the two most urgent issues of our time: decolonization and decarbonization.

In line with the general objectives of the Biennale College project, this new edition integrates and enriches the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, The Laboratory of the Future (20 May – 26 November 2023) and places the themes of the Exhibition, decolonization and decarbonization, at the heart of architectural education.

The process will result in a documentary that will be screened as an integral part of the Exhibition.

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Who can submit the Biennale College Architecture and how selection works

Applications are expected from all over the world and from the broader disciplinary context linked to the built environment (architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, interior architecture, design engineering) and preference will be given to candidates with strong design skills and interests, expressed through visual, textual or performative media.

Lesley Lokko, Director of Architecture at the Venice Biennale, will select submissions from up to 50 applicants, who will then be joined by an international group of architects, academics and built environment professionals to work on a series of design interventions on different scales and chart new possibilities for architecture education in the coming decades.

The declaration of the President of the Biennale, Roberto Cicutto

On the occasion of the opening of the registrations of the first Biennale College Architecture call, the president of the Biennale, Roberto Cicutto declared: “With the Architecture College we complete a process started with all the other disciplines of the Venice Biennale - Dance, Music, Theatre, Cinema, Art - which opens a door to the world for young architects.

The bet that Lesley Lokko has accepted is perhaps the most complex compared to that of her colleagues. But it is precisely her experience in transforming the way of conceiving, transmitting and teaching architecture that make her the most suitable person to achieve the goal.

Wishing Lesley success for success, I send them to all of us who work to make the Biennale more and more a laboratory and a place for international discussion for young women and men who, also through this experience, will acquire even more awareness of the choice they made."

The birth of the College dedicated to architecture promises to be of decisive importance for the Architecture Sector of the Biennale. This program of permanent activities, "beyond the Exhibition", thus takes on a completely new configuration, aimed at encouraging the development of new reflections and creative energies.

How to participate in the first Biennale College Architecture call

The complete text of the Biennale College Architecture call is available online on the website: .

All the required materials must be sent in English, no later than 5 pm on 17 February 2023 using the appropriate forms.

Biennale College Architecture: calendar and program

  • 9 January 2023 - Launch of the “Biennale College Architecture” call
  • February 17, 2023 - Closing of the “Biennale College Architecture” call
  • End of March 2023 - Communication of results
  • 25 June – 22 July 2023 - Biennale College Architecture