A call promotes urban art projects on asphalt to create more lively and safer public spaces, offering cities the opportunity to involve artists and citizens

Bloomberg Philanthropies launches a new call in Europe for the promotion of Asphalt Art Initiative: funding of 25 thousand dollars destined for a maximum of 20 European cities that will apply urban projects using art and design to improve road safety, regenerate public spaces and involve citizens of local communities.

From the USA to Europe

The announcement in Europe follows two previous Asphalt Art Initiative editions, in 2020 and 2021, which funded 45 projects in 41 US cities and other pilot projects in three European cities : Glasgow and in London in the United Kingdom, and in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

More creativity and more safety in pedestrian areas

The program is inspired by the activity developed from 2002 to 2013 by the then mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in New York City to improve the safety of pedestrian spaces and give new life to the streets of the Big Apple. Bloomberg Associates, a non-profit consulting firm of Bloomberg Philanthropies, has also been involved in carrying out the same project in other cities around the world.

Promote a spirit of community

“Over 40 cities have demonstrated the positive influence of the Asphalt Art Initiative, which leveraged creativity to engage citizens and make their public spaces more visible and safer”, explains Michael R. Bloomberg , founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and the 180th mayor of New York City. “With this new funding program, we are ready to help cities across Europe foster a new 'community spirit' involving artists and citizens to allow them to renovate the streets of the urban centers where they live”.

Art to improve the quality of roads

Asphalt art projects not only create new dynamic and lively public spaces, but also offer cities the opportunity to work with local artists and associations on activities involving urban networks and infrastructures. The Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded Asphalt Art Initiative addresses the growing number of cities around the world that increasingly view art as an effective and relatively low-cost strategy for improving street quality, with art installations on squares and sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, intersections and other public areas.

Who can apply by 11 July 2022

All European cities with at least 100,000 inhabitants can apply for the program, by submitting an application no later than 11 July 2022 . The winning cities will be announced in autumn 2022 and the selected projects will be implemented in 2023.

The guidelines

In addition to funding, the selected cities will receive technical advice provided by Bloomberg Associates and the Mobility, Environment and Territory Agency (AMAT) of the Municipality of Milan. The guidelines for the candidacy and for the selection of cities are available on the website: AsphaltArt.bloomberg.org.

Art interventions encourage a reduction in road accidents

Bloomberg Philanthropies recently published the Asphalt Art Safety Study, examining 22 recent asphalt art interventions made in the United States. The study shows that the projects implemented have encouraged a reduction in road accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians and motorcyclists, encouraging a safer and more foresighted driving style.

Asphalt Art Guide

Asphalt Art Guide, where case studies and best practices from all the cities of the world were examined, can be downloaded for free from the site AsphaltArt.bloomberg.org.