The union between Signature Kitchen Suite and the world of design is underlined not only by the aesthetic value of its products, but also by dedicated initiatives such as the Sks De-sign Contest, a competition launched by the brand last April to reinvent the kitchen environment. Here are the winners

Sks De-sign Contest, a competition strongly supported by Signature Kitchen Suite - brand of high-end built-in appliances of Lg Electronics - and dedicated to the reimagining of the kitchen environment, was launched to rethink the role of an environment deeply influenced by the context pandemic like the kitchen, involving professional architects and students of Architecture or Interior design in the development of domestic housing projects linked to the sphere of cooking, rethought in the light of the trends that have emerged from the changes in progress.

The jury, composed of Gilda Bojardi (Interni editor), Fabio Calvi (architecture studio Calvi Brambilla), Imma Forino (full professor of Interior Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano), Manuela Ricci (marketing manager Signature Kitchen Suite) and by Maria Santi (Foundation of the PPC Order of Architects of the Province of Milan), decreed the winners in the professional category.

First place is Pierpaolo Filipponi with Sinapsi, a kitchen equipped with an air purification system and entirely dedicated to human well-being (according to the precepts of bio-architecture), positively stimulated by a conscious use of color and sounds; second place for Rosangela Alliori with MISS'MO, a modular kitchen that can be transformed and freely fitted both along a wall and as a double-sided element, so as to articulate the space that welcomes it; third place, finally, is Mario Abruzzese with a kitchen divided into three elements (equipped wall, island, columns) which develops and exhausts itself the cycle of production, consumption and disposal / reuse of the material.

Design ideas, those put into circulation by the competition, which represent the ideal breeding ground for a brand like Signature Kitchen Suite, which has made one of the keys to its success precisely by assimilating and promoting design culture.