The call of the international challenge is now open to promote a design based on recycling, reuse and upcycle of waste materials not only deriving from plastic. Application deadline January 20, 2022

Rossana Orlandi and her daughter Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni launched the fourth edition of Ro Plastic Prize, international challenge part of the project RoGuiltlessPlastic which they created to raise awareness and involve the global community of creatives towards a design that, respecting the principles of sustainability, responsibility and emotionality, is based on the criteria of recycling, reuse and upcycle of waste materials not solely deriving from plastic.

Applications must be submitted by January 20, 2022.


Three categories 2022:

1. Urban and Public Design

One of the most important categories in which creatives from around the world have ventured into the various editions of the award, Urban and Public Design aims to create an innovative virtuous circle.

The only one of the 2022 categories to use only recycled plastic, designers will have to design prototypes and/or works for urban and public spaces such as guardrails, bollards benches, garden benches, playground equipment, waiting room seating, school desks, desks, blackboards, community beds, hospital furniture, bus and train seats, bus shelters, kiosks, stadium seats and arenas, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and equipment, floors and walls...

Creatives are asked to propose projects that combine durability, ergonomics, accessibility and safety, while creating beauty and added value in cities.

2. Educational Social Media

The millions of young people who make up the Generations Z and Alpha live in a constantly interconnected world, forming an immense and multifaceted community without borders and barriers. This is the audience for which designers are asked to imagine, design and plan a communication project to educate about respect for waste and the importance of re-Waste.

The project must adhere to three fundamental criteria: sustainability, responsibility and emotionality, that is the ability to create emotions.

Creatives must devise communication projects that can be used only through social media , which explain, involve, educate and teach proactively with a universal, simple and effective, full of good vibes. It is possible to apply with existing projects and/or submitted to other competitions.

3. Innovative and Tech Project

The innovation and technological research have shown that wasting waste is waste . For the Innovative and Tech Project category, broad and far-reaching, researchers, scholars, universities, students and companies are asked to present projects on the theme of re-Waste capable of transforming waste into wealth, to pave the way for sustainable, economic, social, human, ethical and aesthetic growth.

Those required are projects with a strong technological and scientific imprinting, aimed at taking care of the planet and, at the same time, of the whole humanity. Innovative projects that give life to a new culture of production and consumption, capable of a real change in lifestyles so that the Planet does not just survive, but you keep living. Also for this category it is possible to apply with existing projects and/or submitted to other competitions.

The call is open to everyone

As every year, the Ro Plastic Prize - which in its four years of activity has seen over 1800 participants, with an average age of 35, from 60 countries on 5 continents - is open to everyone, without any age limit.

Jury and proclamation

A technical jury will select the finalists who will exhibit their projects in an exhibition curated by Rossana Orlandi on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022 , from 3 to 10 April 2022. An international jury, chaired by Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni, will decide the three winners, one per category, at a Prize Ceremony on 7 April 2022 (date to be confirmed).

What you win and what for

To the three winners a prize of 10,000 euros to be used for the development, implementation and realization of the project presented.

How to participate

Applications must be submitted by January 20, 2022 on

To request information:

For updates: Instagram page @guiltlessplastic.