A call for action to purchase an author's image online at a cost of 100 euros, the proceeds of which will be donated to support the Children's Hospital of Kiev and the International Red Cross

Talented photographers, Italian and international, were invited to donate one of their images that everyone can buy online for 100 euros to help support the assistance network that is operating in Ukraine.

From Bergamo to Kyiv: Perimeter and Liveinslums reactivate a support network

After the success of the 100 Photographers for Bergamo initiative, the community magazine Perimetro with OnlusLiveinslums decided to reactivate the world of photography to support Kyiv’s Children's Hospital (Ohmadyt), the largest of Ukraine, which is operating in very serious conditions to assist the wounded, and the International Red Cross which is providing medical assistance in the areas currently under military attack and protection to refugees in the border area in the western part of the Country (Prochowice), the main collection point for European humanitarian aid.


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United Photographers 4 Ukraine is the new call for action that involved numerous photographers who donated their shots. Each picture will be purchasable online for €100 will be printed in A4 format on Fine Arts Paper. The proceeds will be donated to support the Ukrainian aid network, excluding printing and shipping costs.

How to buy photos online

The campaign will be launched online on March 18th. Link to purchase (active from 18 March at 24.00) https://4ukraine.perimetro.eu/.

The operation, coordinated by Perimetro and Liveinslums, invited the Italian and international contemporary fashion, art, architecture and portrait photography main faces to donate one of their pictures to support this project.


Some of the photographers involved

Maurizio Galimberti, Toni Thorimbert, Lady Tarin, Mattia Zoppellaro, Luca Locatelli, Jacopo Benassi, Valentina Sommariva, Francesco Anselmi, Benedetta Ristori, Mario Sorrenti, Federica Sasso, Francesco Jodice, Gianpaolo Sgura, Davide Monteloene, Maria Chiara Macrì, Guido Harari, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Carolina Amoretti, Brianna Capozzi, Sam Rock, Quentin De Briey, Mert Atlas.

The campaign is also supported by Base Milano, which houses the project’s headquarters, by Fotogenica who will take care of printing images, by the 4Sigma studio that will develop the online system.

Ph. Cover: Giacomo Infantino