Galleria RBcontemporary (Foro Buonaparte 46) presents a solo show by Antonella Ravagli. The research of this artist from Faenza stands out for ongoing investigation of the possibilities offered by materials – iron, glass, wood, plastic – that are then put into contact with ceramics, a constant in her work. Presented by Anty Pansera, Ravagli is showing a number of works never seen elsewhere. The artist’s materic research, focusing on clays, moves forward to invent new ceramic mixtures, made personally by incorporating only salvaged materials. The results, after firing, are absolutely unusual surfaces, enhanced by poured elements, tears, chromatic shadings, cracks. The other characteristic feature of the work of Antonella Ravagli is the contant use of lettering, taken to the level of distinctive graphic signs in all her works. In recent years Ravagli’s technique has also translated into the work of Antò, a series of pieces made as a duo and designed by Antonia Campi, who on this occasion has also done the exhibit design.