A landscape of handwritten words to cross. Cesare Viel lines the Galleria Milano with reflections, personal and other: a metaphorical sea in which to walk along raised walkways

From 1st February to 12th March 2022, the spaces of the Galleria Milano host, or rather, are 'wrapped', from the works and handwritten words that make up Condividere frasi in un campo allargato (Sharing sentences in an enlarged field), solo show - and at the same time choral - by artist Cesare Viel, created in collaboration with the gallery Pinksummer from Genoa.

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A project with a dialogic soul

Cesare Viel, between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021, invited friends and colleagues to write a sentence that is meaningful to them, particularly suited to the specific experience of the present moment, and then share it with him. The sentences were then transcribed by hand by the artist on individual sheets.

A moment of reflection, to go through

The result is an installation along the entire exhibition space of the gallery: a metaphoric sea through which to walk along raised walkways. From the encounter between the subjective and the plural, personal and collective, an immersive moment of reflection on the time we are living and on the transformative processes that have arisen arises.

A landscape of phrases, one's own and others

An enlarged field, according to Rosalind Krauss's perspective, a landscape of sentences that develops according to a horizontal line, which reflects its chorality, in contrast with the verticality of the authorial approach. To counteract the words of others are in fact some sheets framed and hung on the walls, this time with writings conceived and composed by Viel himself.

Cliff boulders

In dialogue with the installation, some graphite drawings depicting cliff boulders used as piers or anti-erosion barriers on the coast and in some beaches of Western Liguria.

An essential family landscape

Once again a landscape, vast, familiar, private and collective at the same time, Ligurian like the artist, who has lived for many years in Genoa, but also Trentino, in the Dolomites. Above all, an emotional place: the "essential landscape" of his parents.