The 5th international design competition on copper

The Istituto Italiano del Rame (IIR, Italian Copper Institute), in collaboration with the European Copper Institute (ECI), has announced the 5th edition of the international competition “Copper and the Home.” The contest is part of the wider ranging activities of the Italian Copper Institute, a non-profit association that for over 40 years has promoted and developed the use of copper and its alloys, not just in the more traditional industrial fields, but also in the world of creativity and design. The goal of the competition is to stimulate young designers and students to experiment with new aesthetic and functional applications of copper. “Copper and the Home” is aimed at young people, under 40, including designers, architects and students at schools of graphic design, decorating, product design, from superior schools to masters and doctoral programs. The deadline for project submissions is 30 September 2014. For info: