Martina Mondadori Sartogo (editor-in-chief) and Christoph Radl (art director) of Cabana have done the art direction for the exhibition Corian® Cabana Club, in collaboration with Martino Berghinz Studio.

Seven personalities on a worldwide level in the field of interior design, decorative arts and fashion created a series of fascinating installations drawing inspiration from the evocative visual world of Cabana.


Through a large gate, in an experiential itinerary (the Gateway and the Mystery Tunnel, both designed by Christoph Radl), where Corian® is enhanced by a variety of exclusive decorative patterns, lighting effects and music, visitors could discover a surprising ‘village’.


The Corian® Cabana Club was formed by seven cabins containing seven maximalist sets, in which Corian® was the fundamental material, each styled by a different creative talent, and inspired by a different culture.

At the center of the village, there was an iconic and sculptural installation in Corian® designed by Martino Berghinz, in delicate interaction with water.


The seven settings of the “Corian® Cabana Club” were created by Corian® Design and Cabana Magazine in collaboration with:

Antonio Marras

Ashley Hicks

Carolina Irving

Idarica Gazzoni

Nathalie Farman-Farma

Stephan Janson

Susanne Thun