Curated by Noemi Blager, A Lot with Little opens during the Venice Carnival and tells how ten architects from around the world have responded, in different ways, to the climate, social and economic crisis

In the context of Carnival 2023, the series of events organized in Venice to explore the hot topics of the Biennale Architettura 2023 (which this year is curated by Lesley Lokko and has as its theme The Laboratory of the Future), inaugurates on September 26 the video installationA Lot With to Little.

An audiovisual exhibition that tells how 10 architects from all over the world have faced - each in their own way - the challenge of the climate, social and economic crisis. The project, curated by Noemi Blager with the support of the video maker Tapio Snellman and supported by Arper, aims to be food for thought regarding how architecture is the solution to satisfying people's needs, first and foremost.

A Lot with a Little: why see it

Like the entire cycle of meetings, talks, round tables and exhibitions included in the Carnival schedule, the installation A Lot With a Little is open to the public. A good reason to visit it certainly lies in the message it wants to convey, that is, to raise awareness among the spectators regarding the work of 10 architects coming from both the North and the South of the world, all conceived in an ethical and responsible way despite the conditions different socio-cultural ones. At the center of each one, the future of the planet.

From an experiential point of view, however, we recommend including A Lot With a Little in your to-do-list because it was conceived as a multiscreen video installation strong>, in an immersive context that involves and leads visitors inside each individual project, allowing them to understand the design challenges and experience the sensation of living in them.

The architects who participated in the realization of the project

Coming from different areas of the world, the architects involved in the exhibition are: Mariam Issoufrou Kamara (Niger), Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal (France ), Mauricio Rocha (Mexico), Marina Tabassum (Bangladesh), Jan de Vylder and Inge Vinck (Belgium ), Solano Benitez (Paraguay), Francis Kéré (Germany), Marta Maccaglia (Peru), Shigeru Ban (Japan), Marta Peris and Jose Toral (Spain), whose projects exemplify four major themes: residential buildings, schools, transformations of existing buildings and reconstruction projects in case of disasters, all sharing the positive impact that the architectural project has generated on the communities involved.

Arper's support

The curator of the installation, Noemi Blager, chose to turn to Arper, identifying in the company a partner with which to share the sense of responsibility and ethics.

“For us, supporting and promoting this project means echoing a powerful message: in architecture – as in design – we must design for people first of all, to offer new and useful solutions to their needs" declared Roberto Monti, CEO of Arper.