Gruppo Cosentino, a reference point for the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, announces the 7th edition of the competition. Registration is open starting at 9 AM on 28 February, for works in the following two categories: Architecture and Design. The competition is open to all students enrolled for the school year of 2012-2013 in any institute or school of higher education that offers training in design, architectura, interior design or related areas, all over the world. Each year the Cosentino Design Challenge attempts to encourage talent, promoting research towards different conceptual approaches to the organization and design of spaces, construction systems and materials, thanks to the use of materials made available by Gruppo Cosentino. All the projects submitted should respect the environment, focusing on reuse of resources and the management of waste. For the 7th edition of the competition, in the Design category students will work on the concept Cosentino and the office space. The projects in this section are allowed maximum freedom of interpretation, as long as they address the theme and use Cosentino materials to do so. For the Architecture category the students are asked to submit projects for an outdoor kitchen, using mostly materials by Cosentino.