An immersive experience in the latest generation of sustainable construction to discover the materials and buildings of the future: to design better while improving living comfort

Without respect for the planet, the management of its resources, and attention to future generations, it is not possible to imagine a sustainable tomorrow. In this scenario, if it is true that the Earth is not an inheritance received from our ancestors, but a loan to be returned to our children, everyone (from international and national governance to public and private entities, to the many sectors of industry, to companies, to ordinary people) is called upon to make a contribution, promoting virtuous, responsible, sustainable behaviour. Governments (particularly within the European Union) are developing green transitions, planning decarbonisation processes and aiming for increasingly digital and circular economies. Economist Jeffrey D. Sachs predicted in 2006 that our era will be dominated by the 'geopolitics of sustainability', calling for an assessment of the ecological consequences of human activities on planet Earth. In an extremely complex scenario, between climate change and the energy crisis due to ongoing conflicts, the challenge we all face today is to adopt a broader perspective to understand and safeguard the ecosystem in which we live.

The contribution of Klimahouse 2023

For about 20 years now, Klimahouse (the 18th edition will be held at Fiera Bolzano from 8 to 11 March) has been making its contribution as a point of reference for renovation and energy efficiency in construction: a full immersion in the new trends in sustainable building and living. The 2023 edition will be an immersive experience in the latest generation of green building, a discovery of the buildings of the future to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption while improving living comfort. Four days dedicated to the actors of the building of the future: architects, designers, technicians to find inspiration and get up to date with the latest methodological and technological innovations in the sector. An opportunity also for individuals to understand that building well means living better.

Three keywords

"Changing the way we build or renovate is not a choice, but a duty. In line with this mission, we have chosen three key words to describe the edition of Klimahouse that awaits us: innovation, because as every year we will shine the spotlight on technological and methodological innovations, products, companies and start-ups capable of redefining the sector; inspiration, because the event, with hundreds of exhibitors and multiple events, will allow everyone to closely observe virtuous examples of sustainable building; ecosystem, because technology and know-how are not enough to build well and live well, we need above all people with their professionalism," explains the director of Fiera Bolzano Thomas Mur. "At the trade fair we will present the results of our research that aims to answer a question of vital importance for the sector: what are the strategic and necessary professional figures for tomorrow's building industry towards a new ecosystem of building well? An answer will be found at Klimahouse and topics of great topicality for the sector will be addressed that will help define its future". The ideal fil rouge between the exhibition pavilions and the contents of Klimahouse Stage (a stage between the aisles dedicated to professional updating, training and information), four highly topical transversal themes: building innovation, the energy challenge, social housing and the focus on wood.

Innovative products

Insulation materials, doors and windows, air-conditioning and air quality systems, digital technological solutions for intelligent building management, and the best start-ups will be the protagonists of Klimahouse Future Hub. While the Klimahouse Prize, in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, will crown the excellence of cutting-edge products and exhibitors, capable of innovating in the name of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability that is much talked about but little practised in practice.

The energy challenge

The challenge facing Italy's energy-intensive building stock is enormous: according to data from ENEA's latest Building Energy Efficiency Report, 58% of Italian buildings are in the worst energy classes (F and G). Yet there is no shortage of tools to increase the energy performance of buildings and incentives available: from the ordinary Ecobonus to the Superbonus, albeit depotitised for 2023 and whose rules are not yet well defined at the time of writing). The theme of the energy challenge will also be addressed at the Klimahouse Congress, the highlight event between Friday 10 ("Energy and home between crisis and opportunity") and Saturday 11 ("Sustainable living: right or privilege?") at MEC Meeting & Event Center: leading experts in the sector will illustrate how it is possible to aim for energy self-sufficiency thanks to renewable sources, addressing issues such as the energy crisis, the fight against climate change, and the need to make housing quality an accessible value for everyone. "The association with Klimahouse and the annual Klimahouse Congress have played a crucial role in recent years in promoting sustainable architecture, spreading a new design culture oriented towards green building on a wide scale," explains Uwe Staffler of Agenzia CasaClima.

Social housing

In recent years, the concept of social housing has gained in significance and, in line with contemporary needs, brings to the forefront the same values that guide the development of a new way of building: energy saving, low environmental impact and living comfort.

His majesty wood

The focus on wood, the green material par excellence, a precious resource to promote sustainable development in the construction sector, is back. Among the appointments: Klimahouse Wood Summit, an annual meeting that explores the facets of wood and its importance for large-scale residential construction. For the occasion, the winners of the Wood Architecture Prize 2023 will be awarded, the first nationwide recognition for wood architecture, established in cooperation with Turin Polytechnic and Iuav of Venice to promote the potential of a versatile material through the selection of projects and works: from new constructions to urban redevelopment and regeneration.

The Klimahouse Tours

There are also guided tours to virtuous buildings of local architecture that have made wood and low environmental impact their soul. Organised in collaboration with the South Tyrol Architecture Foundation, the Klimahouse Tours allow visitors to directly appreciate the results that can be achieved with state-of-the-art design. Five appointments (Wine and architecture - Timber construction - Energy renovation of existing buildings - Social housing - Renovation of historical buildings under protection) for professionals in the sector who will be able to visit examples of good building practices applied to different construction areas: from private homes to commercial spaces, from collective residences to new technologies for the production of materials.