The 2022 edition of the event dedicated to the world of the highest project in Europe will be staged in the town at the foot of Mont Blanc from 10 to 13 March

From the historic washhouses of Courmayeur to the summit of Mont Blanc , passing through the town squares and the cable car cable cars, widespread exhibitions, installations, talks and iconic pieces will transform weekend the renowned Aosta Valley resort in the place to be for lovers of design, creativity and of course skiing.

From 10 to 13 March, Courmayeur Design Week-end brings the visions and experiences of designers of the caliber of Carlo Ratti, Marc Sadler, Massimo Roj of Progetto CMR, Michele Rossi of Park Associati and of companies such as Artemide, Cassina, Jaguar Land Rover, Kartell, Poltrona Frau, Zanotta.

The ski race skiCAD for architects and designers is a must. New in the 2022 edition, however, the Chalet de Tendence , a large exhibition space at the Courmayeur Sport Center which will host brands established and young local designers, installations and exhibitions, as well as a panel of talks and interventions dedicated to Points of View.

The Points of View

The theme of this edition, the Points of View will be the basis for meetings, debates, material and photographic exhibitions, en plein air installations and exhibitions in the Chalet de Tendance. The new space, open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 to 19, will be the heart of the Courmayeur Design Week-end: here, historic design brands will exhibit their most representative products together with young local creatives.

The Alpine design course

In front of the scenography designed by Park Associati and made by Alps and Cesare Roversi will be staged, in informal mode and engaging, all talks scheduled. The layout of the Chalet de Tendance will also be enriched by the polychrome patterns of Jannelli&Volpi and from an installation designed by Piuarch and made with the support of Cardex, Herman Miller and Arper.

In piazza Brocherel the XXL version of the iconic Vanity Fair by Poltrona Frau will be installed which will welcome visitors. The design itinerary continues in piazza Abbé Henry, where a large "outdoor living room" will be set up emphasized by the large dimensions of the "bois" of Les Bois du Mont Blanc , of the Tolomeo by Artemide in the XXL version and the rag rug ad hoc printed by EcoContract.

I'm going to live in the snow

If the windows of the boutiques in via Roma will exhibit a widespread exhibition of design objects , the Waldensian Church  of Courmayeur in piazza Petigax will host I'm going to live in the snow, an exhibition of 20 drawings commissioned on the occasion of skiCAD in 2003 to architects of the caliber of De Lucchi, Citterio, Sapper, Mendini, La Pietra, Thun, Sadler, Iosa Ghini, Branzi. Illuminated by a Axolight lamp, one desk on which young designers are invited to make their designs, thus becoming part of the prestigious collection. With a concept by Studio Coronel, the exhibition will be open from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 to 19. Inside the lounge of the Grand Hotel Royal & Golf, on the other hand, you can also discover the new collection of eco-sustainable lamps of the brand Dixpari of sisters Carolina and Isabella Candelo.

The design on the summit of Mont Blanc and the homage to water in the ancient wash houses

The design will also reach the summit of Mont Blanc, at Skyway, with  Off-piste , brand and name of the wooden and crystal exercise bike designed from Adriano Design and produced by Elite. In addition, the new layout of the Punta Helbronner café will be inaugurated, signed Kartell.

With the arrival of evening it will be possible to continue immersion in design thanks to the evocative light installation of Progetto CMR in ancient washrooms by Verrand, Dolonne, Entreves and via Donzelli, created in collaboration with Delta Light e SeiLaser.

Participating brands and entities

3M Fondazione, ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, Alpi, Arper, Artemide, Axolight, Cardex, Cassina, Catelier, Cesare Roversi, CMB Funivie, Comune di Courmayeur, DeltaLight, Dixpari, EcoContract, Fuoripista/Elite, Herman Miller, Janus et Cie, Jaguar Land Rover Italia, Jannelli & Volpi, Kartell, Kvadrat, Luceplan, Ordine degli Architetti di Milano, Ordine degli Architetti VdA,Panorama, Poltrona Frau, SeiLaser, Skyway Monte Bianco, Zanotta.

A talk dedicated to the story of design

Among the numerous talks, Thursday 10 March, at 11.30, Writing about architecture and design will be held at Chalet de Tendence. The journalists Mia Pizzi, former Abitare, Francesca Santambrogio, AD , Walter Mariotti, Domus and Maddalena Padovani, Interni, moderated by Giorgio Tartaro, GT Media.

The theme

There is the idea, there is the project, there is the realization and then there is the story. If in the first three phases it is the architects and designers with their clients who define form, function and construction methods, when the architecture or the product is completed, the narrative phase arrives; a phase that sometimes (and history confirms it) lasts longer than the work itself. Thus, telling about a project or the genesis of a new industrial product becomes in some way an opportunity for immortality. But where does this story start from? We have invited some of the best known and most influential figures in the industry to hear their experience and the way they give substance to future history.

Shared initiatives, in person and online

Still some limitations due to Covid impose a contingent number of presences for the various initiatives, which will in any case be shared on all social channels and on the site, on which all conferences will also be streamed.

Photo cover: Dolonne cable car, Courmayeur Design Weekend 2022. Ph. Giacomo Buzio. Courtesy Courmayeur Mont Blanc.