The National Museum of China on Tian'anmen Square, the first Beijing Design Triennialis a major exhibition divided into five sections with five international curators, and entitled Ren: Good Design. The section of about 2000 sq meters curated by Gilda Bojardi, editor of the magazines Interniand GCasa, with Professor Yang Dongjiang, is entitled "Creative Junctions"and occupiesthe spaces of the central hall of the museum and Room S1. Creative Junctions sets out to investigate the variegated panorama of designers from different cultures and civilizations; through processes of comparison and transformation, the show underscores the importance of the designer-business relationship, shedding light on moments of technological innovation and industrial know-how, as well as fine craftsmanship. The exhibition brings out the ancient ties between Orient and Occident, the expression of great cultural and exchange potential; a sort of ongoing ‘bounce effect’ between personalities, works and products, that the popular game of ping pong, which has been widespread in China and Europe since the late 1800s, aptly symbolizes. 150 designers of 24 different nationalities, with over 700 products, displayed in a spectacular way, for a comparison of different creative realities, a story made up of many stories, narrated by exceptional iconographic and filmed materials. An ideal voyage that illustrates the relationship between project and product, through 20 striking off-scale installations made with standard products, prototypes and one-offs. Creative Junctionsis organized in five sections: Creativity – Know-how; Designer-Coordination; Tradition–Technology; Generations-Sensibility; Orient-Occident.