Mosaic art to embellish wooden furnishings, upholstery and mirrors, young talents confronted with industrial production and sustainability: CREAttivo # 2 will be staged at Palazzo Tadea - Castello di Spilimbergo from January 15th

Art, teaching and business for the territory and the encroachment. These are the principles that generated the CREAttivo project in 2020. Now in its second edition, staged at Palazzo Tadea - Castello di Spilimbergo (PN) from January 15th to February 13th 2022, the choral project, conceived and directed by Sabrina Zannier, strengthens the identity of Maravee Projects as a generator of content and cultural events that support art and entertainment to industrial production to offer the territory new horizons of conscious visionary.

Farsighted planning, between environmental and social values

In the wake of a creed that roots innovation in forward-looking planning, based on the careful observation of the territorial identity, CREAttivo weaves culture - stretched between mosaic art, photography, video, actor and dance performances - to the industrial production of wooden furniture, placing social and environmental values at the forefront.

Work in progress

The articulated work in progress of CREAttivo # 2 Arte e Impresa FVG nel Parco , which involved the companies Legnolandia , Gervasoni , Very Wood and the Mosaic School of Friuli , arrives on display at Palazzo Tadea in Spilimbergo Saturday 15 January at 11.00 staging in the conceptual and emotional suggestion born from the intertwining of artistic, productive, environmental and social values rises on the main floor.

The awarding of young talents

During the inauguration, the awards ceremony of the artists Amos Carcano, Iris Picco, Jonas Paul Giubbini and Laura Seravalli, deserving winners of the Mosaic&Design competition for having collected and elaborated the concept of the project in innovative forms, taking into account sustainability in the logic of industrial production.

Social life on stage, nourished by a regenerating green breath

After the outdoor event held in July in the Park of the Gemona del Friuli Castle - with the permanent installation of a kit table/benches and a bulletin board made by Legnolandia and embellished with mosaic interventions selected within the competition - l he exhibition of Spilimbergo presents fifty photographs and a video dedicated to the different phases of production in the companies and to the School of Mosaics of Friuli , as well as indoor and outdoor design furnishings with mosaic inserts , to convey the entire process of what is a concrete staging of social life fueled by a regenerating green breath.

The exhibition itinerary unfolds in three rooms, with respective sections

1. From project to product

In the first room the winning mosaic projects of the competition for the creation of four furnishing accessories interface with the photographs of the completed works and with the video of the work in complex. progress which led to their production.

2. Reflecting production

The room houses the Gervasoni mirrors that reflect the images of the production process, alluding to the attention paid to environmental sustainability by the companies involved. It is a suggestion for reflection, precisely, on a modus operandi that from the factory leads to the modus vivendi both indoors and outdoors: from the home to the public park, but also in every every daily gesture.

3. Encounter in the green

The third room hosts on a grassy parterre Very Wood Island, a round sofa that looks like a giant flower grown on a soft lawn but which is actually intended for interior decoration. By suggesting the idea of a collective session in the open air, he wants to promote the extension of socialization from the home to the park.