The international competition is an initiative of Macef in collaboration with Artex – the Center of Traditional and Artistic Crafts of Tuscany – with the support of CNA and Confartigianato. Creazioni Giovani is aimed at young craftsmen and/or self-producing creative talents who have not yet reached the age of 35 as of 1 January 2012. Participants can be craftsmen, artists, graduates of training at all levels in art and design disciplines, young people involved in starting a business. Entries should be from talents who do not yet have their own production lines, and have never shown their products at Macef. The young creators can work in the field of arts & crafts with a contemporary approach, focusing on innovation, research and personal artistic expression. The 4 winners will receive, among other things: a free stand of 5 sq meters in the Creazioni section, at the September 2012 of Macef. Dossiers should be sent to: Segreteria Organizzativa Artex s.cons.r.l.- via Sandro Botticelli, 9R – 50132 Florence – tel +39 055 570627 – fax +39 055 572093 –;