Holland is a fundamental place to visit to understand the origins of modern architecture. From the mid-1920s to the present day the country has built avant-garde projects in terms of materials, technologies and architectural language, creating urban landscapes that have become a model for development of modern cities. From the plans for Amsterdam of Berlage to the new social housing of Oud and Duiker, and the contributions of the art avant-gardes of Rietveld, Van Eesteren, Mart Stam, all the way to the postwar experiences of Van Eyck and Hertzberger, and the latest developments of Koolhaas, Mecanoo, MVRDV: the long tale of modern architectural culture in the Netherlands offers stimuli on themes like the management of public spaces in contemporary cities, with a significant nucleus of sustainable projects of landscape architecture as well (West 8, Van Gessel, Okra).The trip is for architects, journalists, teachers, scholars and enthusiasts. Discounts are available for groups of at least five persons, groups from professional associations and ACMA supporters. www.acmaweb.comwww.masterpaesaggio.it.