The pursuit of continuity, to achieve a balance of affinities, between historical parts and new intervention. This, in short, is the idea of restoration of David Chipperfield, one of the leading figures in contemporary architecture. The idea is interpreted in two projects by his studio shown at SpazioFMG per l’Architettura (via Borgognone 27: the Rivellini of Castello Sforzesco in Milan and Villa Da Porto Barbaran in Montorso Vicentino. Both projects, in their complex affinities, seek to reconcile opposites, diversity amidst similarity, proposing solutions of volumetric completion and material continuity, with the aim of conserving buildings as physical evidence of history, while also enhancing them in a reinterpretation in which the two (complementary) parts complete each other (by resemblance and analogy). The exhibition “David Chipperfield Architects, Thinking Past: two related projects” offers a chance to explore this vision of restoration.