Now in its third edition, the competition promoted by the Lombardy Region, Department of Commerce, Tourism and Services, with the support of Cestec, the in-house company of the Lombardy Region that has operated for over 30 years to support the competitive force of the Lombard productive system, offers emerging designers a chance to translate their dreams into concrete business opportunities, thanks to collaboration with selected Lombard companies that see design as a strategic path towards competitive advantage on the market. The young designers have an opportunity to create strategic synergies with companies, facilitating visibility in the design system. The winning ideas and their prototypes will be exhibited in a special event during the FuoriSalone 2013. A catalogue will also be published with the images and stories of 50 projects, the designers and the manufacturers, for distribution during the Salone del Mobile next year. Companies have the possibility of acquiring original concepts and stimuli for the launch of new products on the market. A technical committee will select the 50 best ideas to be engineered and prototyped after the phase of matching with companies, in four theme areas: urban furnishings for shopping districts; furnishing of commercial venues, shops and tourism facilities; packaging of foods and beverages; lighting and signage in public spaces. The selection criteria focus on originality and aesthetics, communicative artistic impact, the use of new materials and/or technologies and other particular characteristics of the products.