From dusk to dawn on the Italia 11 seaside of the Adriatic, a stage for international creativity. From 18.00 to the next morning, Km 278 of the coast will be a space of exploration on the most timely themes of architecture, the arts, design and communication, in a scenario that interprets the beach as a contemporary public space. The event has been invented and organized by Cristiana Colli and Pippo Ciorra, promoted by the magazine Mappe, with the support of MAXXI, the Museum of the Arts of the XXI Century. Demanio Marittimo.Km-278 stands out as a place of dialogue between Adriatic voices of creative culture and the protagonists of architecture and the arts on an international level. Guests include the New York studio Lot-Ek, the Turkish Superpool, and Turin-based bam! bottega di architettura metropolitana. Finally, the event welcomes Ron Gilad in a conversation with Silvia Robertazzi and Francesca Molteni.