The magazine Interni presents, at the Fantini Milano showroom, an encounter and discussion on the evolution of design in the era of communication 2.0.

How has communication changed in the world of design with the passage from paper to digital? What are the new languages of blogs and social media to talk about design to an increasingly large, non-specialized audience?

What innovative formulas, methods and means of communication can be imagined to extend interest in high-quality design?

The discussion moderated by Patrizia Scarzella (architect and journalist) will include contributions by Gilda Bojardi (editor of the magazine Interni), Giulio Iacchetti (industrial designer), Laura Traldi (journalist and blogger at Design@Large), protagonists of the design scene, to cover different aspects of today’s innovative and experimental ways of communicating.

Drinks will be served after the discussion.

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Gilda Bojardi
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Giulio Iacchetti
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Patrizia Scarzella