In occasione della Milano Design Week, PlusDesign Gallery, in collaborazione con Juventus, presenta la mostra collettiva U-Joints che esplora il concetto di “giuntura”

In the space at Via Archimede 26, Milan

17-22 April


PlusDesignthe Italian avant-garde gallery with a strong focus on contemporary design, has produced U-Joints, a project of outstanding cultural and educational content supported by the football team Juventus.

According to its nature, the joint can play different roles: ingeniously designed, it makes it possible to unite the various parts of a whole to obtain the functional quality of a finished product; but when it is reproduced countless times or proposed in atypical forms and sizes, it can be transformed into a piece with a charisma of its own.

The infinite possibilities offered by the many facets of this precious link are thus the focal point of the U-Joints project, which starts with a 360-degree survey of historical examples and extends to the most sophisticated experimentation in the present.


Underscoring the wide-ranging multiplicity of the investigations conducted by the two curators Andrea Caputo and Anniina KoivuU-Joints brings together works by important international designers and young talents from all over the world, in a global research project covering different and versatile approaches, applications, practices and materials – from the most traditional, like wood and plastic, to more conceptual and innovative models, including 3D printing.

The works are displayed in a theatrical installation as in a museum, developed through a sequence of tables with different forms and sizes.



A large bench with a circular form has been custom made by Jonathan Nesci. The work encourages meeting, sharing and togetherness, just like the bench at the side of a football field from which the coach issues instructions to the players (in order to unite them in their joint efforts).

The bench is a perfect representation of the transition between the world of design and Juventus, and leads into the space of UNDICI, the new branded experience format of the club, unveiled for the first time on this occasion.


UNDICI is a place charged with symbolic elements, conceived as a true convivial spaces capable of offering a totally Italian experience based on the four pillars Play, Learn, Eat and Shop.

The central feature is a large table with a rectangular form that reproduces the geometry of a football field. A symbol of the sharing of ideas, experiences and thoughts, as a place of joining together.