Art, light design, self-production and photography in Turin. If Design of Today 2.0 is staged in the baroque setting of Palazzo Martini di Cigala, the former Artillery Academy hosts Liquida Photofestival

In Turin the art is staged, both that of knowing how to do and that of photography. Light design and self-productions, noble contexts or industrial spaces, we have selected two hybrid initiatives - fluid, transversal to the themes, to epochs, to mediums, to - languages that put into dialogue an increasingly multifaceted contemporaneity.

Design of Today 2.0 at Palazzo Martini di Cigala, until 23 June

Design of Today 2.0 is the new exhibition created by the cultural association Projec_To in the sumptuous spaces of Palazzo Martini di Cigala, in Piazza Savoia 7. Not only the aesthetics and the significant forms of the exhibits stand out, but the dialogue between opposites and contrasts : between the contemporaneity of the exhibition and the baroque rooms of the building built at the beginning of the 18th century, designed by the architect Filippo Juvarra.

Self-produced design and visual art

In the 500 square meters of exhibition space on the noble floor of the building, the exhibition presents the works of well-known names in the international panorama of self-produced design and visual art: Studio Nucleo, Studio F, Artefatto, Spinzi and Emilio Ferro.

The power of light and sound

With the site specific installation Quantum, Emilio Ferro dialogues with the power of light and sound. By interacting and altering the image of the rooms from an architectural and historical point of view, it creates an unprecedented comparison between art, architecture, science and metaphysics. From 9 May, the work will be replaced by depictions made by the artist, at the same time as the launch of a NFT of the installation.

A beam of light breaks through the noble rooms

Starting from the internal courtyard of the building, Ferro's work runs through the splendid baroque spaces of the building: from the external courtyard, a beam of concentrated light breaks through the rooms noble, crossing what is the "positive" space included in the Hartmann magnetic lattice.

Liquida Photofestival, all ARTillery Con / temporary Art Center until May 29

In the setting of Paratissima and Torino Photo Days , the evocative industrial spaces of the hub ARTiglieria Con / temporary Art Center, formerly the Turin Artillery Academy in via Verdi 5, host the first edition of Liquida Photofestival, the new exhibition, curated by Laura Tota, which puts authors and emerging professionals from the world of photography and images.

A fluid and fleeting image

Fluid, elusive, ubiquitous, powerful and fleeting: the image of hypermodernity lives in us and we are pervaded by this in every moment of our existence. Today, every individual is a producer and consumer of images through which he relates to others, attributing to photography the value of universal language.

A festival in which the image flows

In a panorama whose future developments are increasingly played on digital and intangible paradigms, Liquida Photofestival wants to be a reference to return the state of photographic research in its different forms of expression and the state of the image at the precise moment of its manifestation , trying to give voice to the new talents of contemporary photography, not only from the point of view of authorial production, but also of photographic reflection.

Look Beyond: an invitation to look beyond

The concept around which the contents of the first edition of the Turin festival revolve is Look Beyond, an invitation to look beyond and to do so through the photographic medium . More than other expressive languages, photography represents an extremely familiar language and often, freeing itself from the mere pretense of faithful reproduction of reality, aims to delineate new landscapes of meaning and return alternative visions to the dominant ones.

Open call, exhibition, collective projects and workshops

To decline the Look Beyond theme, projects by curatorial collectives , emerging photographers and guests, in addition to the exhibition of the best works received through open call hosted in the former stables. Among the various initiatives, a rich calendar of workshops has been designed for young photographers who wish to explore different aspects of contemporary photography.