The challenge: to put Piedmont-based companies in touch with designers from all over Italy – both professionals and students – with the aim of bringing the contribution of design to the creation of everyday useful objects, starting with semifinished parts of industrial origin. To achieve this, Torino Lab, the Turin-based design factory, in collaboration with the Industrial Union of Turin, announced four months ago the first edition of the Typical Industrial Products Design Contest,in which designers are asked to explore the social and symbolic dimensions of the kitchen, creating original, authentic objects for the sphere of socializing and tradition, starting with semi-finished parts made by three selected Piedmont-based companies: Fornace Carena, Liotexand Smalbo. As many as 83 designers responded, including 61 professionals, from all over Italy. A jury of experts chose one winner for each of the two categories, assigning several honorable mentions as well.First prize in the Professional category went to the project Tavella by Antonio Cos: a clay tray for many different uses in the kitchen: object caddie, centerpiece, spice holder, bread basket.First prize in the Student category was assigned to the project QR Chef by Monica Oddone, which with innovative use of standard ribbons by the company Liotex, together with simple stitching, offers a practical rice and spaghetti tool.