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There’s evolution, and then there is revolution. The first indicates the result of a natural change in the characteristics of a biological population that leads to the appearance of a new species. The second refers to a radical change in the organization of a country or a given status quo. Combining the two, we get Re-Evolution, the theme selected for the exhibition-event organized by Interni for the FuoriSalone 2023, which represents a choral reflection on the subject of Evolutionary Thinking applied as a tool for design.

Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

From evolution to revolution

In this thinking, Evolution is understood as the ability to activate synergies between different forms of knowledge, triggering contaminations with other disciplines – science, economics, art, set design – while the Revolution is generated by the applied research on more sustainable materials, stemming from the value chain of the circular economy; by the technological innovation of processes aimed at a more solid interaction between designers and their counterparts; by the investigation of new territories of expression, like the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence.

Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

And then there is Re-Evolution

“Design Re-Evolution” (17 - 26 April) is the red thread of a series of installations set up in the spaces of: Università degli Studi di Milano, Orto Botanico di BreraENI Space, Audi House of ProgressPortrait Milano, Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Urban Up | De Castilia 23 and Torre Velasca. Created by designers well known on a national and international level, and supported by companies and institutions, the installations set out to contribute to the construction of new scenarios for the improvement of human-environment interaction.

The importance of the creative process

The same leitmotif runs through the features in this issue, which by tradition provides ample space for the opinions and works of the designers of our exhibition, investigating the most timely issues of design culture: the transformation of the role of the designer in relation to the challenges of the contemporary world; the relationship between design and biological evolution, analyzed in a perspective of material Darwinism; the potentialities and limits of artificial intelligence applied to creativity; the importance of error as an opportunity for learning – and for inspiration – in the creative process. Charles Darwin believed that the evolution of the species takes place as the result of chance and necessity. The necessities are certainly not lacking, today, but design thinking can enable us to transform chance into a stimulus for innovation.

FuoriSalone Guide, Digital King Size and the new features of the Interni website

The 33rd edition of Interni's FuoriSalone Guide 2023 will be available online from 14 April. The number of events is decidedly high: about 350, all listed on this fundamental tool for orientation and choosing what to see during Milan Design Week. A guide that focuses on creativity and design production, both printed and digital: the latter with the inclusion of new-product and institutional videos of companies, information for getting your bearings and discovering installations, performances and novelties presented in the numerous locations that include new showrooms, points of sale, historical buildings, museums and cultural spaces. An interactive and detailed map will allow one to find one's way around all the events spread throughout the city. In addition to all this there is the digital KingSize, with the best of furniture production narrated with images, texts, videos, accessible from our website for the entire duration of the FuoriSalone, and beyond. On the Interni website, constantly updated, everything on the Design Re-Evolution exhibition-event: installations, appointments, talks. And again, the FuoriSalone 2023 Special with previews, events in the design districts: in short, everything, but really everything on the Milan Design Week.