DesignLibrary organizes three summer camps of advanced training with the aim of creating economical models of design and commerce that can be replicated to support excellent Italian crafts companies and their production districts of reference. Together with exceptional coaches like Matteo Ragni, Lorenzo Palmeri and Maximiliano Romero, the 10 partipants (in each camp), for seven intensive days, will enter into direct contact with the companies that will make the prototypes of all the submitted projects. The calendar is organized so that each designed can create and develop an idea and see it put into practice. The 10 projects will then be inserted in the commercial circuit for each single camp. The three design paths are: 1) World Wide Wood: wood, play and e‐commerce. Coach: Matteo Ragni. Location: Cison di Valmarino (TV). Company: Ivo Fontana Mobili. Partner: Dates: 15-21 July 20132) Wrought iron: the sound of design. Coach: Lorenzo Palmeri. Location: Lipomo (CO). Company: Sampietro 1927. Dates: 28 September 20133) Serial Makers: materials, 3D printing and numerically controlled machinery(supported as an advanced course by Rhino, Modo and Aspire ‐16 hours). Coach: Maximiliano Romero. Location: Vigano Brianza (LC). Company: Regolo Styl. Dates: 2228 July 2013. The Camps are for students of architecture, design and the engineering disciplines, as well as professionals, architects and designers.