Energy is the vital force that has accompanied all profound changes over the last two centuries. It is transformation, research, innovation. Energy is also a regenerating impulse, an active factor in the evolution of the planet, our culture and our lifestyles. In this important historical period that has revolutionized our worldview, we are going through a phase of energy transition that according to the indications of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations can enable us to meet the challenge of climate change. From the house to the city, to new extra-urban habitats: mapping the changes in the field of energy saving.

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Francesco Santangelo, Head of Relations and Initiatives, Eni gas e luce
Carlotta de Bevilacqua, President, CEO Artemide  and President Danese Milano
Ladislao Balbiani,  architect and co-founder Studio Ideàs
Alessandro Armillotta CEO and co-founder AWorld
Marco Armellino co-founder and President AWorld

Moderator: Mauro Spagnolo editor

The talk was produced with the support of Eni e Eni gas e luce

Head of Relations and Initiatives, Eni gas e luce
Environmental engineer by training, born in 1965, he has been working for the Eni group for over 25 years. Among the positions held: head of gas and electricity business sales (from 2006 to 2012), subsequently head of Customer Care (from 2012 to 2014), responsible for relations with consumer associations for Eni (from 2014 to 2017). He is currently Head of Relations and Initiatives of Eni gas e luce SpA for relations with trade associations and the development of initiatives to support energy efficiency services.
President, CEO Artemide and President Danese Milano
An entrepreneur, architect, designer, and teacher, Carlotta de Bevilacqua is one of the main representatives of design and of the modern business vision. With a degree in Architecture achieved in 1983 at the Milan Polytechnic, she is the President & CEO of the Artemide Group. An experienced designer, she carries out in-depth research in the field of light. She designed lots of products for Artemide and Danese, which were acknowledged with invention patents and awards. In the lighting sector she introduced innovative technological perspectives and unprecedented scenarios characterizing the sensory experience and the interaction between communication and information (IoT), while exploring the new frontiers of research on photonics. A vegetarian and an animal-rights activist, her mindset is a blend of humanism and science, aimed at a social and innovative enterprise 4.0.
achitect and founder Studio Ideàs
Architect with a long experience in the restoration, reconditioning and standardization of buildings, after having practiced in Italy and abroad, he sets up Ideàs an engineering company based in Milan and offices in Algeria that offers integrated design and consulting services for the development of real estate initiatives and building interventions in Italy and abroad and aesthetic renovation of buildings. The studio's activity ranges from public to private clients, from residential to commercial, dealing with new design, both structural and architectural, and restructuring of the existing one, up to interior design. In the design, particular attention is paid to the urban and natural context in which the buildings are inserted, the choice of technologically innovative materials and the use of eco-sustainable systems for a better efficiency of the property.
CEO and co-founder AWorld - co-founder e president AWorld
Together with their partner Alessandro Lancieri and a team of developers, graphic designers and sustainability experts, Marco Armellino, with experience in the field of web communication and ecommerce consultancy, and the entrepreneur Tech dedicated to innovation and sustainability Alessandro Armillotta founded in 2018 the platform and mobile app dedicated to the world of sustainability: AWorld. Winner of the 2020 Zurich Innovation Championship Award and the 2019 Impact Now Award, AWorld is the official app in support of the United Nations ActNow campaign that promotes the importance of individual actions in fighting the climate crisis. AWorld is a guide that wants to inspire people to live a more sustainable life. An immediate and straightforward tool that allows you to improve your impact and measure your progress.
Architect and journalist, he has been dealing with environmental sustainability and quality of life standards for over thirty years. He designed green infrastructure such as the first solar-powered stadium and the world's first solar-powered electric car charging station and passive buildings including schools and recreational centers. He is Co-founder and Editor-in-chief of and he regularly collaborates as an environmental expert with RAI (on both TV and radio). In his academic career, he has been a professor and scientific director at Italian universities (La Sapienza) and is currently the head of the SEI unit (integrated energetic systems) at CIRPS - Interuniversity Research Center for Sustainable Development. Author of the books The integration of photovoltaics in buildings and urban infrastructures - (ENEA - Min. Environment - Min. Industry), The sun in the city, the use of photovoltaics in construction (Muzzio publisher), Energy efficiency in planning (DEI), he is the curator of green tech innovations for Maker Faire Rome.