From 16 to 18 October IED takes part in the Maker Faire European Edition 2015 with the exhibition DesignfattoQuasiamano, research that moves between the poles of material and the intangible, crafts, electronic interactions and 3D manufacturing.

At this third edition, IED is on hand not only in the exhibition space (pavilion D/E – position 23) but also in the MakerStore to promote the work of young designers selected through a competition open to all the European Design Institute facilities. The products were created exclusively for Maker Faire Rome, to represent the values of design, limited-edition crafts production and new technologies. The display is curated by IED Design Rome and made with the contribution of the school’s facilities in Milan and Cagliari.

Items on view include the C-Bike, the thesis project of the course in Product Design at IED Rome coordinated by Marika Aakesson, revising the tradition form of the pedal-assist bicycle and proposing solutions with frames in carbon fiber, made in collaboration with F&N Carbon Technology.

The project is shown in all the phases of the development and production process, from the concept to testing to the first models, all the way to development of components involving the use of digital technologies, 3D molding and laser cutting.

The show also presents a series of projects that explore the integration of technology and interactive processes: ‘sensitive’ lamps that react to the impulses or emotions of people in their vicinity; social design projects that interact with everyday habits of the user, raising awareness of the need to limit domestic water consumption. There are also experimental projects, like the sound swing that triggers dynamics of great poetic and relational value.

IED Turin will be at the Maker Faire 2015 in the spaces of the exhibition “3 years of Self-Production” of Adi Design Index with Tria – Three to be Free, the folding bicycle that becomes a kick scooter, to respond to the needs of intermodal urban transport. The prototype, selected for the Targa Giovani ADI 2014, is the result of the thesis project by Luca Tomatis and Daniele Morselli, graduates of the Product Design course, developed in collaboration with Alstom.