A two-year course (competition, workshop, exhibition) to relaunch a new design culture in the contemporary world

Conceived by Fondazione Franco Albini and Franco Albini Academy, promoted and developed with Rubner Haus in collaboration with Studio Albini Associati, Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano and Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni (AUIC) Politecnico di Milano, "Progettare futuri possibili" is a two-year course that was created to relaunch a new design culture in the contemporary world, experiment innovative construction solutions in wood and offer a platform for visibility to young talents.

A competition, a workshop, a prototype

Three stages: a competition for the design of a light, innovative, sustainable, recyclable wooden structure with a strong design that enhances the constructive performance of wood, and at the same time, transformable, versatile and modular; a week-long workshop at Casa Albini in Sardinia where the three winners of the competition will be led to explore a new approach to design through interdisciplinary techniques and the Albini Method that will lead them to break down individual projects into parts, search for the essence of each one and recompose them into a single collective project born of co-creation; the last stage a prototype of the wooden structure born in co-creation, realised by Rubner Haus and exhibited during Design Week 2024 to then find its permanent location at Casa Albini.

Innovation and sustainability

"Casa Albini was born out of the need to open up horizons in Covid time, to create a place where we can come together again inspired by the culture of the project and the boundless horizons of the Sardinian skies," explains Paola Albini, president of Fondazione Franco Albini and founder of Franco Albini Academy. "It is a bit of a dream come true, a home for projects that reflect on the theme of innovation and sustainability, providing answers to contemporary needs and visibility for young talent. This project, this meeting with Rubner Haus, the Milan Polytechnic, the Sassari Order of Architects and other institutional partners (Associazione per il Design Industriale, Salone del Mobile.Milano and with the support of Triennale Milano), has allowed the format to come to life to leave a mark of what could become a citadel of innovation immersed in nature available to the community. A concrete manifestation of projects that involve cultural, academic, corporate and media institutions and are the outcome of the field application of Franco Albini's Method. A Method that is an orientation signpost for design that stems from the ability to collaborate and co-create solutions."

Designing meeting places

Aimed at young architects under 35 and students in their final year of the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic and the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering (AUIC) Milan Polytechnic, the competition challenges participants to design a multifunctional place that encourages encounters and is able to host interdisciplinary activities for the integration of body and mind, cultural activities with educational and entertainment purposes, and small commercial businesses. By the first week of June 2023, the three most deserving projects will be selected and will receive their awards at a public ceremony at Triennale Milano on 15 June.

A collective co-creation project

Casa Albini is a place of inspiration and beauty immersed in the setting of Gallura in Sardinia and a house museum furnished with furniture designed by Franco Albini re-edited. Here the three winners will spend seven intense days in which Franco Albini Accademy, with the technical support of Rubner Haus engineers, will accompany them in an experiential and interdisciplinary workshop to bring to life, through a process of decomposition, search for the essence, recomposition, verification and social responsibility, a single collective co-creation project. The experience will be documented in a VideoSeries showing the evolution of thought throughout the process.

On display during Design Week 2024

The collective project born in co-creation will then be realised by Rubner Haus and the installation will be exhibited in one of the locations of the Milan Design Week 2024. After the exhibition, in line with the Rubner Haus and Franco Albini philosophy of durability and reuse, the installation will be placed at Casa Albini, a showcase of visibility and fulcrum of design actions and artistic events scheduled from next autumn. For updates and more information click here.